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Boruto Kawaki arc


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FAM... Kawaki and Boruto using Karma is probably the best thing ever. Also are we not gonna talk about that dude in the recent episode using sage mode? 

I swear boruto gets even more amazing by the secondddd!!!! next episode is gonna pop i just hope it’s not a filler episode 😂

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On 4/30/2021 at 8:05 AM, Michael said:

Shit do be mad fire. There is no way they gonna violate Jiraiya like that. But no lie the start of Baruto is MAD BORING FOR NO REASON. Glad it’s getting interesting now.


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2 hours ago, Cosm0 said:

 Is this finally happening in the Anime???

Yeah, the earlier stuff was disgustingly boring and bland. This is actually fire how. Time to start watching for SUREE.

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