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The story of Cole begins with him finally deciding he is done living under the shadow of his older brother, who is a renowned inventor. Cole has tried many ways to impress those around him that matter. Failed attempt after another, Cole is slowly growing to despise his inability to achieve the current goals that were set by his family. With each passing day he allows himself to dig his hole deeper until he hits his rock bottom. He realizes that coming to a new city for a fresh start may his only route. His main goal to live up to the family name and accomplish as much that he sets out for himself in an effort to make them proud. As the feeling of being an outcast overwhelms him, he hops on the first plane out and later touches down in his new home town. He realizes he's not in Kansas anymore (literal home state). Turning a new leaf isn't exactly going to happen the way he anticipated... But, with the help of many new friendly people and the determination to succeed, he prepares for anything that may come...

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