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Randell Savage

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The Name is Randell Savage but i just go by Savage... I grew up off a old dirt in place you probably wouldnt know.

My Family Deserted me, atleast all of them but Brad an Que... Que,Brad, An I have been on the road for sometime now.

In our old town we were know as The Rollin 60s Crips, but now, that weve packed up in left, we'll have to start another Rollin 60s 

Set an Restart our empire. After our last run in with the cops weve had to stay low for a long time an travel far an wide. My brothers 

have heard of City Called Lucid. They say theres a fresh start for us there but nothing is certain with the life we live. I just hope The new  Rollin 

60s Set is more loyal an trust worthy than the last one. We stick together, we stay alive, thats what we live by, Rollin 60s Till we die. TMC 

The Hustle Continues

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