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Disallow robbing inside and around the meth lab and other instanced drug areas


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Currently, drug production areas are obviously a big target for robbers, and for good reason. However, people making drugs inside an instanced building have no way of seeing someone outside or someone coming inside, meaning that people cannot react fast enough at all to someone attempting to rob them, thus essentially breaking rule 15.08 which states :


15.08 - Robbing people without giving an opportunity to speak or defend themselves.

There is no way of seeing someone coming before it is far too late. You cannot react to someone robbing you at meth for example because they can enter with a gun already out and simply aim it, far before you can stop your animation, get a gun out, and/or even talk to them. This is the same case for exiting an instanced building like this- You can leave and step right infront of multiple people with guns pointed at the door. I don't understand how this doesn't fall under the powergaming rule in some ways, because there is little people can do against robbers in these areas. Players could still easily initiate robberies just outside of these instanced areas, both on the way to the cars and near the entrances itself, and it'd be far better for roleplay scenarios and players mentalities if these robberies were initiated in a fairer RP scenario. 

My suggestion is to make it so you can't rob near the entrance to instanced doors (for people coming out), and you can't enter the instanced lab with a weapon out, or alternatively just have a delay on robbing people when entering an instanced building like this of like 5 seconds.

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+1 In life not every robbery is successful actually very little of them are. Its very limiting that if people were to rob me after making drugs Id have to comply. it's super broken in that I can go for 10 drug runs in a row and get robbed every time and have no options on how to prevent it. My chances of getting robbed to are so HIGH considering if I want to  make decent money I have to spend hours making it.. Further guaranteeing my chances of getting robbed. it's especially limited to those who cant afford protection or have friends to help them. it's even more BS because drug runs make so little. Its insane how cars cost 500% over real life market value and drug runs make 500% less than real life value. the most you can make on a plane run for H is 40K with 130 weight but in real life if your smuggling heroin on a plane itd probably be worth millions. In real life Ferraris are worth 200-500k yes some near 1 mil but not all. I just looked them up and the whole page for brand new Ferraris are less than 500 K. The economy is messed up and only serves the richest 1% that have invested 5 mil plus and can make more than 400 K in a single plane trip washing money. So lit the thing with the least RP makes the most money. 

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That rule isn’t relevant. 

the whole point in robbing people is asking them to put their hands up. I believe the “defend them self rule” means defend them self verbally as if they’re getting robbed by multiple people they aren’t allowed to get a gun out etc anyway.

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On 6/10/2021 at 8:10 AM, JoeyC said:


the whole point in robbing people is asking them to put their hands up. 

uhhhhhhhh no
Robbing people should be to get someone's money, not to get a RP Scenario going, though it could be. There are WAYYYY better ways to 'force' someone into RP. 

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Lucid Public Rules: Section 18: Power Gaming already covers this from the definition of what you have laid out (in May)

Unless there is a hidden allowance of the break of these rules in these places they are to be upheld. 

(05) - Robbing other individuals without giving them the opportunity to interact or speak, this provides a one-sided roleplay scenario, which should be avoided as we are all here to have a fun and enjoyable time, allow other individuals to speak and defend themselves rather than forcing them to shut up instantly.

(06) - Placing individuals into a situation or scenario where there is zero chance for escape or counterplay, such as but is not limited to placing them inside areas through the escort feature while dead or alive in areas where the emergency medical service or other agencies are unable to retrieve them.

This also works in conjunction with The Criminal Enterprise Rules: Camping which state:

Intentionally sitting and hanging around high traffic areas that lead to illicit spots such as drug areas, job areas and so forth for the purpose of robbing individuals or committing acts of terrorism will not be tolerated as it is unreasonable and unfair, and could in an excessive manner lead to the individual not having a good time on the server....


Topic should probably be locked since it's over 3 months old and there are clear rules in place for these issues. 

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