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Joey Cookson


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Yo! My name is Joey Cookson, I thought i'd introduce myself here. So I was known in England as a bit of a top man. I rolled with a big group and we hit a lot of banks a few casinos for our fortunes. All of us including me had millions in the bank. Until the day I was backstabbed by the rest of the team. I always had a bigger cut of the money because again... I was the top man. It turns out they didn't like that. Threatened to kill me and forced me out. 

I got on the first plane and ended up here in Lucid, with nothing to my name. I'm introducing myself a few weeks into being here and so far it has gone well, I am trying to keep on the straight and narrow as I want to be a different and better me for my new start. I'm working almost full time at the scrap yard right now but there are big things on the horizon for me and my group of pals. 

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