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Hi my name is Leo Greene


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Hey I'm Leo, I've been living in New York City most of my life so getting used to the new city will be a piece of cake.

I heard there were many opportunities in the city and the way things are looking back home I just need to clear my head and start on a clean slate.

Back in New York I used to work on and mod my own car so racing and speed is my thing so working in a shop is what I'm trying to do.

I can't wait to meet all of y'all in the city!

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Welcome to the city! I hope to see you around Bennys fixing my car up soon! I'm a great driver but being from the UK I sometimes feel i am driving on the wrong side of the road and crash a lot.. So the guys in Bennys are used to fixing my shit! :D

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6 minutes ago, JamGod said:

Lmfao I hope to see you in the city too maybe we can go out racing sometimes and don't worry your whip gonna look like you just bought it when I fix it!  

What car you driving at the minute?

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