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Garry Mann


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Greetings, Lucid City. I am... Garry Mann, in the flesh. Or rather... in the blue suit. I have been recommended by my *shuddered breath* employers to take some time off after an... incident in New Mexico. They have recommended an... extended stay after there was a... miscommunication about a possible third project.

But this is information on a need-to-know basis. And for now? You don't need to know.

My goal in this city is to simply... find employment in various ways. There's LIMITLESS potential here and I do wish to... explore the avenues afforded to me. For now, it is a journey to the courthouse for money; a jaunt to city hall for a license; and lastly... a new phone as I've mistakenly... misappropriated it. I will be still attempting to... acclimate myself in an appropriate fashion so if you do find me, I do hope that we can work together amicably. Well... my time for this post is reaching its destination. So...

This is where I'll get off.

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