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From robbing a player to mass shootout at jewelry roof.

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So, I was pleased with todays roleplay and I wanted to share my story.

Me and my friend went up north to the beach to rob someone who hopefully had blueprints, we ended up talking to someone and liked his character so much we decided not to rob him and rather invite him to join our criminal activities. He came along and we decided to do some night jobs instead, our new recruited partner in crime suddenly got a phone call from one of his contractors. The job was simple, we get a hostage then we rob jewelry store and bring the goods to him for some weapons and cash in exchange. 

We went to the ammu-nation and got the equipment needed for the job, we drove over to the jewelry store and see if we could find a hostage nearby... But to our surprise, we found some new friends instead. They asked us what we were about to do, we told them our plan and they asked if they could join us. We accepted their offer and now we had to change our plan. We rob it as quick as possible, split up and meet up later on.

just when we were getting ready to rob the place, a bullet from far away (or so we thought) came right at us and popped one of our tiers, we ran to the walls and scouted the place, we quickly saw someone on the roof right above anna rex, we aim our guns at them but quickly realized they have the advantage with them having the high ground. Me and two others ran to the stairs so we could even our the battlefield and increase our chances. while the others stood their ground and made sure our vehicles would still be there when we came back.

Not long after the first few shots were fired we heard the police closing up on us, we knew we had to end this quick but was not sure how we would close up on them. Luckily for us, they rushed us either from the panic of police sirens or the fact that they were 4 on the roof while we were only 3. However, we took a defensive position, giving us the advantage over them. We took them down like flies, one by one their bodies fell down. One of them somehow got away but was caught by the police seconds later.

Seeing the police being busy with that one guy, we ran to our vehicles and drove away. and the best part about this? We got it all on video.

Sharing some tease pics of the video down below. Last pic you can see their last gang member getting arrested.





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